Basketball as a tool

FEBA Story

Through FEBA, Kayole, once a hot bed of crime and radicalization, is now home to young players who represent the country from high school to college and National Team levels. FEBA representation is in basketball and civic engagement through advocacy programs and leadership development.

We believe in building our youth to build our community and country as a whole. To achieve this, sports has been our main tool for transformative impact in our community. We have excelled in creating social impact through sports. When FEBA was founded in 2011 as a Community Based Organization (CBO), our main agenda was crime prevention because we were losing many of our peers through arrests or death in gun exchange with police. 8 years on, we have grown into a multi-facet program that focuses on education, psychosocial support, advocacy, leadership, events management and most recently, sports business.

FEBA got a major boost when the Ministry of Interior Security mapped FEBA as one of safe spaces for children and youth in Nairobi.


Our Global Impact

  • FEBA has been recognized by the Kenyan Ministry Department of Youth and Peace Committee as an organization Creating safe spaces for the youth.
  • Through its different programs we have been able to reach out to approximately 500,000 Youths directly and indirectly since our inception.
  • Working with refugee community is one of our biggest achievements in terms of social change through providing them with safe space. We’ve been able to integrate with a greater number of the refugee women and girls through coaching platform.
  • The education program has supported over 200 student athletes through Primary and secondary school. Currently we have 56 Girls and 42 Boys enrolled in the education support program Globally.
  • The Coaches development program has developed and impacted over 70 youth coaches and currently 14 young coaches are enrolled in the program serving and impacting athletic development in various schools in Kenya.
  • The Parents Unit has been an essential part in mentoring the student athletes and also serving as a bridge between in addressing the many challenges arising in parent student relationships.
  • Also, it has been a voice for the parents in addressing many issues facing or involving the young people in FEBA.
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Meet Our Team

Our motto is to Do it with Passion or NOT at all.

Moses Musosi

Head of Operations

Brand Quality and Marketing

Head of Legal Affairs

Naomi Bosibori_FEBA Secretary


Content and Media

Lavender Atieno_FEBA Head of Welfare

Head of Welfare

Creative & Graphic Design

Deuce Gioche_FEBA Head of Academics

Head of Education



Consultant-Media & Content

Head of Finance


President of Children’s Council

Head of Parents Unit

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