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FEBA leads in youth basketball development in Kenya. It is for this reason that the EXPOSURE AND OUTREACH Leagues Originated, this are the S.I.E.L(Street Insider Exposure League) and W.E.L(Women Empowerment League).

SIEL and WEL brands represents two of the most vibrant amateur sports leagues in Africa serving grassroots sports development programs, which target Men and Women between ages 19 to 35.


The Exposure Leagues were started two years ago in 2018.The aim of this leagues is to advance and expose talent among the young people from various grassroots basketball development programs who have minimal or no resources to access the national leagues.

It is a proven fact that giving the young people something constructive to do helps in reduced exposure to negative activities and vices in the society. Furthermore, the development of character and exposure to opportunities for individual growth and development.

do you want new challenges in exciting new places?

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Equipping our artists to be world ready

The League has 8 teams playing in a round robin format.

With playoffs to determine the Season champion.


bringing world-class acts to you

The league has 16 team grouped in two conferences NORTH and SOUTH.

With playoffs to determine conference champions who play for the SIEL championship Crown.

Participating Teams

Music Events

Concerts & More

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